Terri-Lynn, RVT

Lead Registered Veterinary Technician

Terri-Lynn, RVT
Terri-Lynn, RVT Lead Registered Veterinary Technician

Ever since she was a little girl Terri-Lynn knew she wanted to work in the veterinary field. As a toddler she fell in love with animals on her visits to the zoo with her family. She always had a pet in her life and loves all animals big and small. Terri-Lynn graduated from the 3-year Veterinary Technology program at St. Lawrence College in 2011. Then wrote the VTNE the same year to become a registered veterinary technologist. Shortly after becoming registered, she started her career at the Ottawa Humane Society. Before moving on to working at small animal clinics. Terri-Lynn has worked in the field for over 12 years. She has had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of animals including cats, dogs, pocket pets, exotics and wildlife. Terri-Lynn’s favourite part of her job is being able to help clients and their animals through education. As an RVT she has to continually learn as things change in medical field. She enjoys going to educational conferences and courses to learn the most up to date information. She also loves teaching others what she has learned. 

Terri-Lynn is most interested in nutrition and behaviour as well as the use of laser therapy. She loves using her interests to help animals be healthy and happy in life! 

Interesting facts: 

  • Loves to bake delicious treats for both humans and animals! 
  • Has had a pet albino hedgehog 
  • She loves working with her clinic team and treats everybody like part of her family.