Bloodwork Services

Bloodwork is an important diagnostic tool that reveals health information about patients.

Getting blood samples and analysing them is a mainstay in any pet’s medical care. They help our team detect any health issues at the earlier stages. They also provide us baseline levels for pets who are in perfect health. If you would like to learn more about bloodwork, please contact us at 613-695-2060 and we can answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Why would a pet need bloodwork done?

Your veterinarian may request bloodwork for a wide variety of reasons. During an annual exam, or your young pet’s first veterinary visit, it is standard protocol for us to perform bloodwork as part of checking their health status. Bloodwork can also help veterinarians diagnose certain kinds of illnesses. For example, heartworm at its early stages or a mild infestation is usually diagnosed using a blood test. Diabetes, kidney/liver/pancreatic problems and allergies are some other conditions that may be diagnosed with a blood exam. Even before your pet displays symptoms of illness, bloodwork can help us identify certain health problems.

How is bloodwork done on pets?

No anesthesia is needed as it is relatively painless for pets. The sensation is similar to getting a vaccine. After cleansing the area with alcohol, about 3 ml. of blood will be drawn from your pet using a small syringe. The blood is commonly taken from your pet’s cephalic vein on their front legs. It takes only a matter of seconds to draw the blood. For general cases, we can provide you with same-day results of the tests. For more complex issues we would usually send the samples to an outside lab, which will take a few days to complete.

What is a pre-anesthetic screen?

This is a type of bloodwork done the morning before your pet undergoes any kind of surgical procedure. It helps us determine if they are good candidates for anesthesia, and the levels of the drug that will best suit them. We often recommend that pets fast the night before their surgery for the most accurate screening results.

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