Dental Care

Regular brushing and routine cleanings can help prevent gum disease. Contact us for more details.

When it comes to your pet’s teeth making sure they get regular cleanings and check-ups is more than just about keeping pearly whites shining bright. Dental disease (aka periodontal disease) is a serious issue that affects many pets. It can lead to complications such as tooth rot and infection if left untreated. We suggest coming in for regular dental exams and cleanings to help prevent your pet from developing this and other painful dental conditions. Feel free to call us today at 613-695-2060 to schedule your appointment!

What are the symptoms of dental disease in pets?

Bad breath or “doggy breath” is one of the earliest signs! Your pet’s breath may not be minty fresh, but they should not be emitting any foul odours. Next are swollen/bleeding gums and tartar buildup. You may also notice your pet having trouble drinking or eating, is only doing so from one side of their mouth, or is excessively drooling.

How often should my pet’s teeth be professionally cleaned?

We suggest taking your pet in for a dental check and clean at least once per year. If they have a pre-existing dental condition, they may need more frequent exams. Please beware of anesthesia-free or cosmetic cleanings from groomers or other service providers. These provide only surface-level cleaning and can help mask problems underneath the gum line. Cleanings with anesthesia performed by a licensed veterinary team like ours are the only way to get a through cleaning, proper exam and safe extractions for your pet.

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