Veterinary Exam

Routine veterinary exams are an opportunity to address changes in your dog or cat’s health.

Regular veterinary exams are the cornerstone of your pet’s health. Unlike most of us, our loyal companions cannot just simply tell us if they are feeling unwell. Dogs and cats also have a natural instinct to hide their pain to show as little vulnerability as possible. We know life gets busy and so we do our best to book you in for a convenient time and conduct the exams as efficiently as possible. Call us at 613-695-2060 to learn more.

Why are veterinary exams so important?

They help us diagnose many health problems early on so your pet can stay as comfortable, healthy and pain-free as possible. This way, we can provide the appropriate treatment right away, which will save you time and money in the long-run and prevent your pet from experiencing worsened symptoms.

What tests will be done on my pet during a vet exam?

Each patient is different and may require different diagnostics based on their unique needs. Some of the most common screenings our veterinarians and technicians conduct during a veterinary exam are:

  • Urinalysis – Your pet’s pee is considered as “liquid gold” and can reveal vital details about their urinary tract, kidneys, and signs of diabetes
  • Bloodwork – We can detect parasites, conditions like Lyme disease, anemia, infections, organ dysfunction and more through samples of your pet’s blood
  • Fecal exams – Intestinal worms can typically be detected through
  • Fecal samples

How often should I take my pet for a vet exam?

We recommend your pet sees their veterinarian at least once per year. Older pets or those diagnosed with certain health issues should come in more frequently at a rate of about 2 times per year (or more depending on your doctor’s advice).

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